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You will move mountains

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

This is a picture of a card gifted to me one year ago at my farewell party, as I left my corporate role to pursue a career in coaching. It has been one year since I have had:

✔ A steady paycheck

✔ Great benefits

✔ A 401k

✔ Daily interactions with co-workers I truly enjoyed spending time with

It has also been one year since:

✔ I consistently had to set an alarm

✔ I had the Sunday blues

✔ I had back-to-back meetings all-day

✔ Daily interactions with co-workers I didn't enjoy so much

You get the point. There were trade-offs to taking this leap. While I am so incredibly grateful to be in this place, it's not for everyone.

I know one thing for sure, though, the support of my network has made a huge difference this last year. From cheering me on, referring clients, and simply interacting with my posts - I have felt and appreciated every bit of encouragement along the way. Goodness knows one needs support in order to move mountains! I appreciate yours!

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