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Reflection Journal

As the year comes to a close, use this questionnaire to take a moment to reflect

on where you have been and what lies ahead.

Celebration and Reflection


What are you celebrating? (What goals have you accomplished or made progress on?)


What are you most proud of? (a bright shining star from the past year)


What (or whom) are you feeling most grateful for right now, and why?


What did you want to accomplish, but didn't?


In what ways did you grow and evolve?

Looking Ahead

Let Go

What will you let go of as you start the new year? (limiting beliefs to be released)


What do you want to take forward with you into the new year? (new discovery about yourself or a value you want to lean into)


What are your hopes and intentions for the new year?


If you were to give 2024 a personalized theme, what would it be?


At the end of 2024, what do you want to be celebrating?

While ringing in the New Year is a great time to pause for reflection,

consider bookmarking this page to review and reassess throughout the year.

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