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Words Matter

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

That is what is printed on my favorite mug.

I have been saying "Words Matter" (followed by "All the Words Matter") for years. It stemmed from conversations where it was apparent there was an internal dialogue in people's minds that was not being verbalized out loud. In a corporate setting, this led to miscommunication and misunderstanding, which equals inefficiencies. Being someone with a six-sigma background and a passion for continuous improvement, you can imagine why this was important to me.

Now that I have transitioned careers and launched my business as a Leadership Coach, I look at this mug from a different perspective. #WordsMatter - most of all, the words you tell yourself. The ones you don't say out loud but follow you wherever you go.

☑️What are you choosing to tell yourself?

☑️What is it you believe to be true?

☑️How do these words impact your behavior? Your wellbeing? Those around you?

☑️Whose voice is it, really? Is it yours or someone else’s?

Notice them. Reflect on them. Then choose them wisely. Because they do matter. You matter.

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