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What did you learn about yourself this year?

Updated: Jan 24

I learned that:

  • The hustle culture cycle I had been stuck in for the last 25 years is no longer for me.

  • I am still smart, worthy, and a valuable part of society - even with the brakes on.

  • A slower pace suits me well and allows me space to be more present - which has had a positive impact on my relationships.

  • Starting my own business isn't easy, and it still feels risky - AND I have zero regrets about this path that I'm on.

  • I love my daily routine of morning meditation and walks through the neighborhood.

  • My relationship with success and money looks very different than it did a few years ago, and I'm sure it will continue to evolve.

  • Working from home as a coach can be isolating, and building/maintaining connections is important.

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