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Embrace the absurdity & have fun!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Interesting timing to listen to this podcast about fun. In it, Natalie Robinson states “If you can embrace the absurdity of the current situation, it’s pretty fun!”

That rang true this last weekend when I did a river float with a group of friends (my first time ever!). The area where we did it is known to be hot during the summer – the day before our float, it was 96 degrees! On the day we floated, however, the temps dropped 20 degrees, and we had rain for about half the trip.

It was absurd - and it was a ton of fun!

It was a great reminder that:

  1. Some things are out of your control

  2. Embrace the absurd

  3. Seek ways to have fun

Here is the podcast:

Pink Crocs floating down a river in the rain

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