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A Moment of Gratitude


Four years ago, the woman in this picture had no idea that she would leave behind her corporate career to start her own coaching business. She never would have fathomed the concept of being on her own...

I look at her now, and I have tears in my eyes as I want to acknowledge her journey. Those years meant something. The experiences, the expertise, the relationships. It all made her who she is today. And even if "Corporate Christina' was left behind, I took with me "Coach Christina" - the one who sees people for who they are. Who will sit with them in the ick of feelings they would rather avoid. Who creates a space where people can be brave, and consider what parts of them they want to embrace and what parts to leave behind. The one who challenges people to expand and grow past their own self-limiting beliefs into something bigger.

As much as you may think the road ahead is already paved, don't be afraid to take detours. They may lead you to destinations you never would have considered….and it just might be exactly where you were meant to be. ❤️

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